Mean Girls

Teenage girls can be so mean. Most of us are. I personally do not think of myself as mean, I try to help people whenever I can. Some girls are just downright rude and mean. They give dirty looks to girls who may not dress the same as them or who don’t play a sport or who don’t look like them. I do not get why some girls have to act this way. A person should not have to walk down the hallway at school and feel like they are being judged. They should not have to worry about what the “popular” girls are going to think of their outfit or what they look like. The “popular” girls, in my eyes, shouldn’t be popular. Their mean and say hurtful things to such nice people. I truly can not stand mean girls.


Picture Credits:
“Mean Girls” by Wikimedia via Creative Commons license


One thought on “Mean Girls

  1. Some people don’t even realize they are being mean. They seem to think what they are doing is okay. Everything is about how you see things. For example, you claim there are “popular girls” but I would not title anyone as that. How do you know what these so called “popular girls” are thinking? Why do you assume they are being judgemental? Maybe people see you as a mean girl although you see yourself as someone who “help[s] people”. Everyone sees things differently especially when blinded by bias.


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