Thomas Rhett Concert

This weekend I went to the Thomas Rhett concert with 6 of my friends and we had a blast!! The first two opening acts weren’t the greatest, but Thomas Rhett made up for it! He even sang happy birthday to a girl turning 5! And a guy proposed to his girlfriend during when he was singing Die A Happy Man. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!


4 thoughts on “Thomas Rhett Concert

  1. I like Thomas Rhett, i practically attended the concert myself, I mean not really i was at home watching all of the Snapchat videos of people who were there and that counts right? No but I am glad you had fun, I like your websites theme by the way!!


  2. I saw him two summers ago and he sang that song one of the first times on stage. His wife was actually hiding behind stage; he said she was too shy to come out! He is one of my favorite country performers.

    I am your mentor for the blogging challenge and was wondering if you were planning on tackling this week’s challenge about Creative Commons? This is something that applies to music, too.


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