My Baby Grayson

I’m taking this class called Child Development and we have to have these robot babies for a whole weekend. I get mine today and it is an African American boy that I named Grayson. I heard you only get 3 hours of sleep a night with the fake babies and I am not looking forward to that what so ever. I love sleep and hate getting woken up. Hopefully I can be a good mom to my wonderful son Grayson. The goal for this weekend is to not kill him, wish me luck.


Blog Challenge

So I signed up for this blog challenge my teacher put on google classroom. I don’t even know how it works. I think it could be fun and interesting. I honestly just did it for the extra credit. I am running out of ideas for these blog posts. They used to be creative, not anymore. Sorry about that.

College: Living at Home or in an Apartment

I am currently at the stage in my high school career where I am starting to make important decisions, just like many of you are. What college do I want to go to? What do I want my major to be? What scholarships do I want to start looking at? My biggest problem I am having right now is if I’m going to live at home or in an apartment. I of course want to live in an apartment with my best friend near campus, which is what she wants to do too. My parents on the other hand, told me I can’t get an apartment until my sophomore year of college. I don’t think that is very fair. I’ll be 18 years old and will be able to make my own decisions. But I also don’t want to make my parents mad. Ugh, too much to think about.


Boys are confusing. They say us girls are the confusing ones, but come on, we are not that hard to make happy. Boys say one thing and mean another thing. I do not get it. Boys have so much power over girls life’s they don’t even get it. There’s this one boy in my life right now and he drives me up a wall, but for some reason I still want to be with him. Love is hard man.

Prom Dress Shopping

Prom is coming up! I love dances and love getting all dressed up. The main part about that day/night is the dress. I have never been dress shopping before, I usually just buy my dresses online, but I had a bad experience the last time so I decided to go shopping this time. I told my best friend I would go dress shopping with her, but she is on a scooter because she had foot surgery. So we have to wait even longer to go dress shopping. Ugh I can’t wait till prom!!


I’m a junior and I can not wait to graduate. The seniors keep talking about graduating and it just makes me wish I was a senior so I could graduate this year. High school isn’t that bad, but I am just so ready to move onto bigger and better things and actually be my own person and start my own life. I can’t wait to go to college to become a teacher and to pursue my dreams. I am just ready for that next chapter in my life and the day it starts can’t come soon enough.


I chose dedication because I need to be dedicated when it comes to the things I need to do. Dedication has a huge part in being successful and that is exactly what I want to be. This word will cause me to purse my dreams and make me have a reason to do my best. This word will keep me from doing nothing and being lazy. This word is a big change from 2016 and I hope to continue this through out the entire 2017.


Picture Credits: Photo by Happysoul18